Using EMDR To Treat
Dissociative Identity Disorder & Complex Trauma

This dynamic ten-session webinar is designed to teach trained EMDR therapists the unique skills required to treat the behavioral problems that result from extreme trauma and neglect. Each 90-minute session is packed with new insights and skill-building techniques, along with case reviews and peer discussions. All sessions are available for review for two weeks after the initial presentation. The Institute offers a 30-day guarantee. If you are dissatisfied for any reason after the first two sessions, you may request a full refund. Individual sessions are available by special request for $69.95 each. The entire ten-session course is available for $495. Ask about our early registration discounts. Don’t miss this opportunity to take your EMDR skills to a new level.


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Session 1 – The Definition of DID
We start with a definition of DID, including how it affects the functioning of the brain. We define the parts and the difference between the parts of the one who comes into therapy, and we outline the structure of the relationship between the parts and the person seeking therapy. We discuss introjects and how they work in DID.

Session 2 – How to Diagnose DID
We discuss how to diagnose DID and what signs to look for in your clients, as well as the impact of attachment styles on DID.

Session 3 – The Causes of DID
We explain the causes of DID, the three phases of treatment and the significance of each phase. We teach the client to recognize when they are becoming destabilized and what that means in their lives.

Session 4 – Introducing Clients to DID
We teach how to introduce clients to the process of DID how to help her/him learn more about what is going on in her/his own body with an introduction of the concept of co-consciousness and beginning the process.

Session 5 – Stabilization Techniques
We teach client stabilization techniques and how to know when to use them. We also explain panic attacks and how to help the client stop them.

Session 6 – The Nature of the Parts
We explain the nature of the parts and begin to meet them while using the conference room as the place for treatment.

Session 7 – Review of Structural DID
We perform a review of structural DID as treatment begins, providing new techniques to use as you get to know the parts. Your job is to keep the client stable as you go through the treatment. We discuss all the techniques to use with the parts as you get to know them and with the client as the client gets to know the parts. You must teach the client to shut the parts down when needed. You must shut the parts down between sessions.

Session 8 – Establishing Co-Consciousness
We teach how to establish co-consciousness and talk to the parts through the client. We also teach how to inform the client about the use of the Dissociative Experiences Log in helping them to stabilize themselves between sessions.

Session 9 – Creation of the Conference Room
We discuss the creation of the conference room in our mind-body medicine program and how to teach the client to use it.

Session 10 – Understanding Co-Consciousness
We establish co-consciousness, understanding why and how to use it. We recap the way to set up and use the conference room, talking to the parts for the first time, teaching the client to be in charge of the parts, and which questions to ask during this first session in the conference room.

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